Women in fashion, business and development


Today’s entry is a follow up of last week’s. Particularly West African fashion and the strong female designers behind them. The most prominent fashion-forward nations in the West African region will have to be Nigeria and Ghana. I hail from Cameroon and Naija (Broken English for Nigeria) so primarily, I have put up some videos that will expose you to some female designers, and their work with regards to the economy.

Ghanaian social entrepreneur with a masters in micro-finance…introduces her business and speaks about her active support of fair trade and development for upcoming business owners, and seamstresses in need of training, funding and financing.                Enjoy!!!……and dont forget to put the walk where ur talk is huunney!!

You know I wasnt going to let you go without something Cameroonian . I love Kirette couture, Its so Vibrant, so colorful,  so Mankon, soooo Bamenda. The hat, embroidered designs and colorful Raffia bags are a complete representation of chic modern Bamenda traditional fashion.The creative female designers behind Kirette couture are Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor.

This is a Kirette couture Fashion show…..Enjoy!!!

Oh! before I let you go, check out the interesting predicament I was in this weekend …Saturday night I go to the club and my girlfriend and I had a problem getting in…..it was clearly a race issue…BUT we overcame…lol….which means we finally got in…….ok …one of the girls who witnessed the situation with me walks into the bathroom-where I was prepping my fabulous self- and I asked her what she thought about the situation outside, and she said she thought it was totally racist…..so did I…So naturally we addressed the situation. We spoke about how unfair and ridiculous the situation was, and the possibility of  speaking to the manager about the situation. Only for this girl to put me in an astonishing, jaw-dropping halt when she said…”I know rite…..plus I’m half white can I at least get in with that … I didn’t need to go through that”…..oh my Goodness people…right then…I realized it will take some good years of ideological rehab for this girl to realize that people with her mentality are the reason why this situation occurred….anyways…..just thought I’d let you guys know about this mess!!!

lets just say God made us radiant and fabulous by nature…..enhance who u are….and say OH HELL YES…..to educating yourself to the world and beauty around you…….and……..  OH HELL NO….to stupidity and racism


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