We switched it around______I AM MEDIA

If the people in the deep remote villages of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Jamaica and Ghana among millions of others, have been impacted by the music of Michael Jackson, the personal benevolence of Angelina Jolie, the charities of Oprah, the lessons of our great gurus such as Gandhi, our heroes like Mandela. Well…even the so-called fabulousness of Paris Hilton, then truly the media has influenced, affected,entertained,and many a times damaged the way we live, think, eat and have our being.

May be at some point we should question what we are told to buy, eat, read, use and even believe….. THIS IS WHY WE ARE GOING TO MAKE A FUN SWITCH……SOME OF US WILL LIKE TO BECOME YOUR MEDIA AND TELL YOU WHAT WE BELIEVE, WHAT WE CONSIDER BULLSHIT AND WHAT WE STAND FOR …..TODAY WE ARE MEDIA……..see if you can deal with this……or…. you can comment ….and tell the world what it is you want…..after all…today on this page…you too are a medium.

My name is Nana......and I am media !! I love facebook and other sites that keep me connected to those I love, and could unfortunately also cost me my job if im not the perfect image for some stupid employers. I am going to keep it simple, and hopefully inspire you to use your laptop and purchase the WORD online.....its easy....I want to see more of what I believe everywhere around me, so...here goes.....Im Nana, AND AS THE MEDIA, MY MESSAGE IS......I stand for CHRIST !!...I hope this message infects all the technology and information you receive, like a virus.

My name is Khadija and today.....I am Media ! I love watching television, and among other forms of media it has been the most influencial. The local news keeps me informed and reality shows keep me entertained. I enjoy reality shows,they could be very nonsensical at times but I laugh and remain in awe of the constant drama.....what bugs me most however is E news. Entertainment news of all sorts has leaked into actual REAL news stations such as CNN and even some local news channels. All I want to say is WHO CARES?????? Who cares if Britney Spears had a bad hair day and decided to go bald or if Paris Hilton lost her puppy or if her new bff decided to go blonde???? I certainly don't and we should probably leave that to tabloid magazines and not actual news. To hit the nail on the head....I am media and I am ready to watch celebrity free NEWS.

My name is Lena K and I am Media ! Technology has of course facilitated the amount of information and Ads that I receive daily as well as how fast it reaches me. I text to the point where at times I don't understand why the english language committe just wouldn't give up, and allow your to be spelled "ur" or be right back as "brb.....lol....im actually laughing out loud.Anyways my real issue is with television reality show personalities. Since when has it become cool to be a bad girl? Bad Girls club, the real world, I love New York and Bridezillas among other shows....these shows seem to be Bitch Academies and give birth to well rounded Bitches by the end of the shows. In my opinion, if you have to hurt others to get where you want to, then you are sick. May be being good girl should be promoted, after all even though bad girls have fun, they are never truly happy, and paying people to bitches on TV is not a message that needs to continue. I am media and I am sending this message to all the good girls gone bad for the sake of good Tv !

I am Chichi, Ihuoma, Mambo.....u can pick one name. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the media, certainly not my cell phone, but with television, magazines and the internet. Since my childhood years until now, information has constantly been thrown at me. Living in New York City today is a struggle everyday, to pick and choose what billboards to ignore, what stores not to go into, what silly shows not to watch...there is so much being advertised by different mediums to the point where people are at times unconsciously saturated and thus yield to whatever is being thrown at them to do or believe. Because I am your media today, my message goes as follows: I speak against corruption in third world countries, I speak for my Africa as my continent...NOT A COUNTRY, I speak against negative Isms, I speak for education, for opportunity...and of course... I speak for EAT PRAY LOVE....every day, all day, taking your circumstance and the people you meet around you, as teachers! I believe that if you travel, if you read, if you are open, you will live and you will learn.

My name is Betty. Today, I am your Media ! News papers, magazines, and online blogs - like this one you're in- I enjoy reading them, and keeping my self up to date with the latest news and the latest fashion trends. I'm just going to KIS my message (keep it simple)...... I stand for originality, for individuality, and of course for Vogue and fashion. I am against Judgmental people. when things go wrong you can always blame it on la mano negra, like Stela Reynolds...rather than judge people and blame them for things that are bigger than they can understand. I see no reason for racism, sexism, and other useless isms, but I am also able to look past them because there is a reason why everyone is the way they are. There is good in everyone and a reason for most things. Let me be your guru for now and say this.......when some one says fuck you nigga, may be they are too dumb to find the right vocabulary to express themselves or the reason why their father taught them to perpetrate that kind of hatred ...... next time a beautiful black man asks you..."is that your real hair?".... just be understanding, and ask him if his mothers hair is real?....lol.......anyways...I am betty and I stand for honesty, individuality, liberty and non-judgmental-ism


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