If life were a bed of roses, I would never worry about how I was going to pay my rent in NYC, my tuition,my social life and blah blah blah….right? Neither would you-wherever you are. Because Life isn’t always so rosy there is a dual concept, a flip side to everything in life, depending on your perception. Symbols of duality exist as a result of the complexities of life. Everywhere around us and in us there seems to be a good and bad, even though we as humans are daily witnesses to this fact, we are blind to the carefully packaged media messages that are thrown at us everyday. Lets talk about a continent and a particular story that has a message so well packaged that we cant see the flip side unless we look for it.

Africa (yes I went there again) is a continent with a narrative that is poorly relayed by the west to the extent whereby many (not all) Africans believe in these stories. I am not going to go any deeper into the sciences (God knows I am not well versed in matters of that subject) but quantum physicist can bear witness to the concept of duality in matter.  What am I getting at? Well perhaps the mediums which transmit these media messages would like to put into effect this concept of duality, by showing both sides to every story,not pseudo-objectivity.

After my last Post on switching the mediums in the media from THEM to US, I got a request from one of my readers to bring up the Issue of Sudan. Unfortunately it was posted on my Facebook comments and not directly on my blog so I decided to touch on this issue which I think is newsworthy…so… THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO YOU TERRY!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and including the not so gentle folk, I am hoping to leave you with a taste of SUDAN .

SUDAN  is the biggest country in the entire blessed continent of Africa. What this means is to whom much is given, much is expected. Unfortunately the government of Sudan has not done a good job of governing the  “much” that is given unto her. As a result the capital city, Khartoum, enjoys most of the wealth, while the majority of the country’s populace remains in abject poverty for specific reasons . Sudan which was once the Kingdom of Khush or Nubia wasn’t always economically troubled, at some point Nubia actually ruled Egypt, mainly under Kings Piankhe and Taharqa. Sudan then became predominantly Christian, but the North of Sudan as you can see on the map is surrounded by predominantly Muslim nations, who slowly infiltrated into the country, thus the engendering of the predominant Muslim and Arab North. Sudan is extremely diverse, with ethnic groups such as the Dinka the Nuba, Beja, Hausa, Fulani, and Egyptians among others. These different ethnic groups come in different skin tones and physical characteristics.

The South is predominantly Christian and/or practices other African religions, the different ethnicities come with Unique physical characteristics. The Dinkas predominantly reside in the south and it was a Dinka man who sparked the rebellion against the Governments practice of inequality in Sudan. More and more villagers and people from other parts of the country go to Khartoum for a better life, but have no education and thus are left with base manual labor jobs that lead to no where. Ninety percent of Sudan’s Universities have their base in Khartoum which means all the other regions have little to no means of getting educated and very little developmental aid from the government is provided.

Darfur is the result of this rebellion; what is currently afoot is the fact that the southern rebels believe that it is better to secede and take care of itself, but the south has natural resources so the North is not going to let that go that easily. Ethnic groups, religious groups and the issue of the north and south play a role in the complexity of the issue of Sudan and Darfur.

I’d rather not get into the different government sponsored groups, the supposed foreign ammunition aid, militant and rebel groups like the janjaweed,  the SLM,and SLA among others. I am not an expert, but with some research you could learn more or slightly differently about the deep nature of the dispute. I leave it to you to research and give us your educated opinion.

Many people in south Sudan are direct victims of the war and suffer either as a direct result of the violence, or starvation. The situation is bad and whoever has an ear let him hear, whoever has an eye let her see, whoever has a tongue let him tell, and whoever has hands let us give what we can. Some students and professionals travel to teach English in the rural areas or just to visit, others donate money (I hope they put that money to actual use).

Now on the FLIP side of  LA BELLA SUDAN, THE LAND OF THE SUN KISSED BEAUTIES, FULL OF CENTURIES OF TRADITION, ARCHITECTURE and WEALTH………let me show you bits and pieces of the biggest country in Africa, despite of the calamity that goes on within Her this is the Yin to the ugly yang of Her story.

Images from a Sojourner. (I got the university picture from Google though! ) you can visit his site and view more pictures or read his journal on his journey to Sudan:

I’m still learning about all these Darfur issues everyday, so I am not an expert, I feed off a lot of news sources and informative blogs so please let your expert opinion or experiences be known by leaving a comment !!


Typical Nothern Sudanese woman on the Right and Southern on the left(notice the beauty is breathtaking)

Nothern Sudanese Model

Southern Sudanese Model

ENJOY…Images from north east south Sudan !!

Sudan - Khartoum School Children

Sudan - Downtown Khartoum


Sudan - Omurdan's Suq Market

Sudan - Omurdan's Suq Market Spices

Sudan - Omurdan's Suq Market Meat

Sudan - Nile River Hut

Sudan - Where the White And Blue Niles Meet in Khartoum

Sudan-scubba diving-red sea-sohal Tang

Sudan - Meroe Pyramid Reconstructed

Sudan - Meroe Pyramid

Sudan - Meroe Site Hieroglyphics

Sudan - Tea Stand & Forture Teller

Sudan - Sudanese Village People

Sudan Omurdan_Suq_Jewelry


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