GOOGLE ME !!…check this video out, and let her know this…(lol)

Once Upon a time the rich and famous will boldly make this statement if they felt disrespected or unrecognized; This statement goes as follows “…What? You don’t know who I am? Well then Google me!


Unfortunately this fairy tale does not have the ideal ending, considering that Google and the famous will not necessarily live happily ever after, because technology has given birth to a world where any one who works fairly hard on their cyber image, could be famous and eventually rich. The Google me hype is DEAD!!!!!

Because of the mere fact that we went to college, we got some awards, have a Facebook profile, and posted something on YouTube, Google can recognize me AND YOU. The advent of web 2.0 has enabled us to be anything we want to be.

Anyone who functions in this purely interactive technological age of Web 2.0 is pretty much famous. Rumors about a Google social networking site in the near future is spreading like wild fire, and perhaps this network will compete with Facebook. I’m sure if Google comes in with this social network there it will bring with it a powerful competitive edge. It might however be more advertisement based than a personal profile setup for social networking, who knows, but be very AFRAID  because Google is a giant and it will find you wherever you are. I personally think Google is invasive, so I will not be joining any Google related social network in the near future.Facebook has already made my life somewhat of an open book, so perhaps there is no true privacy for an active social media user. Anyways, to you my dear Facebook, Hi-5, Twitter, or Tumblr user, we are all be famous. GO TELL  TEYANA TAYLOR AND THE REST OF THE WORLD TO GOOGLE US….lol

food for thought!!


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