Why have YOU abandoned PAKISTAN? WHERE ARE YOUR MEDIA & CELEBRITY FUNDRAISERS? The Pakistan flood IS NOT OVER, it is a walking DISASTER!!


Danny Schetchter:

“Lack of coverage leads to a lack of concern”

There is no such thing as independent media. This is, of course, generally speaking. Corporate Media walks and works hand in hand with the government. The work of the media is to cover crisis situations or news-worthy events. In the event that there is not enough national or international news-worthy material available to cover, pseudo-events are broadcasted as news. If the government’s policies do not deem a situation to be of importance, corporate media generally goes with the flow.
The flood in Pakistan is pure news, untarnished by corporate media because it is IGNORED. It will be better if this issue were overly reported and staged, because people would at least be informed, causing an increase in donations . What the affected regions need immediately are food, shelter, clean water and anti-malaria supplies. This flood is an ongoing event and more floods are said to be on their way; after all, Pakistan’s rainy season starts in November.
Areas in which the flood waters recede create an immense breeding ground for mosquitoes, which expose over 20 million people to malaria, thus adding a pandemic to the list of occurring after-effects.
In my opinion, the reason why Americans have not given as much as they could is due to a LACK OF MEDIA COVERAGE. Several American inhabitants have not even thought about giving because they don’t know about the flood, and if they do, they don’t see it as a huge deal. It seems to be just another unfortunate poverty-related issue in a third world country.
I have always been of the opinion that America will look good by fully and passionately helping Pakistan as they did with Haiti. The Muslim extremists might have their words questioned by the masses who adhere to them; but actively contributing to Pakistan’s flood relief ought to be more than just for the image of a nation. It is about helping millions of human beings in dire need, considering that this disaster could have occurred in America, or any other nation.
One of the most informative articles about the flood situation and the reason why America’s media, government and civilians are not doing as much as they possess the potential to, is titled:
“HELP ME OR I’LL KILL YOU” :http://blogs.reuters.com/pakistan/2010/09/10/the-skewed-narrative-on-pakistan-flood-aid-help-me-or-ill-kill-you

Islamophobia seems to be a powerful deterrent and an excuse for whether or not America should be concerned about the flood issue. Islam is a religion founded on peace; it is a hand full of extremist who are enemies not only to America but to several other Muslims and people world-wide. The flood at hand is not about religion, but about a people, like any other, who have fallen victims to a terrible natural disaster.

It must not be forgotten that Pakistan allies with America for the fight against terrorism. We as human beings need to take the blind fold off, open our eyes and see what our fellow human beings are going through as we speak.
On a more positive note, several Americans who are aware of this issue continue to help regardless of the many fears and lack of media coverage. Pakistanis are very grateful for the aid given to them by America and other nations.


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