TRY TO VISUALIZE YOUR GOAL !! (even if it means through Photoshop experiments)

As the campaign for Music Against Malaria becomes more and more of a reality, it is important that my team is able to visualize our goals and Ideas. These Photoshop experiments are a representation of the campaign’s:

  • Logo
  • Wishful thinking
  • Unquiet urge for change in the public’s reaction towards the suffering of others (in this case, the Pakistani flood victims)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let these images be seen as a creative, visual representation of Music Against Malaria in Pakistan.

Enjoy …






After: Final Logo result for Music Against Malaria


After: This image is the scape goat that awaits scrutiny. I need some help with my technique. This image symbolizes the famous musical harbor of Harlem, and the musicians that stand for the generation of a means to an end in the growth of malaria in Pakistan.

These images of the before and after snap shots taken last week, show drastic changes and dramatic altering of the images.  The  sole purpose of these strikingly different changes being, to derive at what will be Music Against Malaria’s logo. The authenticity and integrity of the images have been tampered with, generating a completely different feel to these images.

The visual representation of this campaign is bound to yield concrete results in the near future.

look out  for whats in store in the weeks to come !!


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