A Raw Sound Narrative

After learning a thing or two about sound, I find my self wondering whether or not natural audible vibrations are considered noise or sound ? noise is random, and sound is intentional, some audible vibrations in nature do not seem intentional, so how are these categorized? The raw sound collected and represented in the video file below is centered around Music Against Malaria’s campaign for raising funds towards the flood relief efforts in Pakistan. What was of primary importance was the news cast and my brief narration of the sounds that were to follow. The Outer orientation of sound expressed time, situation and space.

  • The rain drops and sounds of water recorded, lucidly give away the location and external event.
  • The non literal sound of the night insects and wind before and during the narration, give away the time of day

The inner orientation of the recordings relate to mood, energy and structure.

  • The same non-literal sound of the night create a calm, yet, watchful and deep sensation, which takes the listener into some sort of wilderness with only the narrative voice as its shepherd .
  • The sound of the Pakistani victims pleading for some aid, and food in the same area, sounds a little like a market place, but the Urdu  spoken gets the listener into deciphering the identity of the people, and empathizing with them.
  • The non literal sound of the Pakistani banjo instrument, creates a strong mood of anticipation for knowledge about what could be occurring in that area, or what is to come. In a film, this sound could be excellent for the background music of the narrative.

I must say the sound continuity is deplorable, except for the sound of the band playing at the end of the clip. The short sound of the mosquito buzz is excellent predictive sound, that could serve as an introduction to an outdoor scene of a swamp that has been engendered as a result of the flood, or a hospital scene.

The best sound quality is that of the band playing before the end of the clip, because it is clear and my recording technique and location was quite favorable. I used an audio recorder for all of the recordings, but my technique should probably have varied, especially as far as the volume is concerned. My favorite of all will have to be the sound of the rain. The noise/ sound created by the rain alone, speaks volumes about the flood situation. Right behind that will be the brief mosquito buzz because it rings one bell, malaria !


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